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Short stories

The Horses Under Her Skin, a haunting tale about forbidden love. Published in Waylines 3/2013.

Bird In a Cage, a story of surfers in paradise. Published in Abyss&Apex 2013.

Watcher, my first sale. Published in Weird Tales 359. Reprinted in Weirdfictionreview.com and in the upcoming It Came from the North Anthology.



I’m looking for an agent for my dark YA fantasy novel. Silverwing is a story about an innocently self-centered lady who after an engagement-gone-bad is willing to do anything to regain her place in the society. Catfights and faux-passes ensue.

At the moment, I’m also giving finishing touches to a novel written around the short story that won me the first place in the Writers of the Future Contest Q3 2013.

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